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Deb Goodwin - Roll Model

Deb’s love for knobby tires started at 7 years old with a minibike, then a larger motor dirt bike and a BMX bike in High School, a Schwinn Scrambler 36/36 BMX bike. While in college that bike helped me earn a collection of write-up’s , 2 for riding wheelies down the hall of the dorm and 1 for riding it down the Chapel steps, all 4 flights… without crashing I might add! My college administrators were not impressed, the Scrambler was banned! After college there were some years that cycling was put on the shelf for chasing a career allowing only minimal Mtn. Bike riding. There were very few trails where I could ride, I had a hard time staying fit so I could enjoy the F.L.T. or woods riding. In 2007 I became a National Ski Patroller and 2 years later a National Mountain Bike Patroller and started patrolling Chair lift assisted Mtn. Biking at a local ski area. I also patrolled 3 different Gravity downhill race events. My other cycling experiences include Crit racing, a few mountain bike race series, Fat bike racing, a Time Trial race and several Gravel races. I used to say I am a knobby tire rider, I ride a road bike so I can ride a mtn. bike faster. But after a few crashes resulting in stitches, broken bones and a surgery, I have learned that it has also enabled me to hit the ground harder. So, no more of that.

Through my riding, racing, race timing I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with some wonderful people that I look forward to seeing and riding with every chance we get. Also the places that cycling has taken me from Cyclo-cross Nationals in Louisville KY, to the absolutely awesome mountain bike festivals in Vermont. The best alarm ever is the sound of bike gears whizzing past the tent for a sunrise ride. These festivals are totally responsible for hooking me solidly into mountain biking, it is now my life for the rest of my life. The awesome gravel racing in PA and the Adirondack mountains. These adventures I wouldn’t trade for the world, although some of the mountain biking has taken me days to recover from. My most recent adventure is trail building. My family and neighbors have given permission for trail building on properties around our home. There is an amazing amount of terrain from woods, to rock, to off camber stuff, exciting times. I look so forward to the future and the new adventures that lie ahead. I am looking so forward to ROOTZ and learning new things, meeting new friends, and sharing the joy of mountain biking with others, especially our youth! This is an amazing sport with endless possibilities to learn, grow and enjoy life outside. It’s emotional, mental, and physical therapy all rolled into 2 wheels and knobby tires.

 «   You’re a cyclist because you ride, you really ride – whether it’s crappy or beautiful out, whether you’re in first place or last, whether anyone is watching or even knows you’re out there. And you’ll know you’re doin’ it right by the way it makes you feel: So Stinking Happy!