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Erin Berg - Roll Model

Erin’s first mountain bike ride in 2015 started with a pretty rough crash, when she was led astray by her well-meaning boyfriend. Luckily, she had enough experience falling down and getting right back up to try again. She hasn’t stopped falling down since, because she loves growing from challenges. You will find her out on trails, gravel, and road training for new challenges: endurance mountain bike events and cyclocross races. But she also loves to just ride with people who love to ride their bikes! She could learn something from Quinn about riding for the season rather than the day, though, because she’s famous at her local bike shop for crashing frequently (she gets a kick out of riding fast).

Mountain biking has introduced Erin to a new community of people who share all kinds of riding in common. Not long after that first mountain bike crash, she found herself at an endurance gravel event in central PA where hundreds of strangers came together to spend a day riding their bikes. It’s this culture she fell in love with, despite how few women were a part of it. She hopes to help other girls and women find the joy in riding trails or to have fun on a long gravel ride or to embrace the quirkiness of cyclocross. When she’s not riding though, you’ll find her planning lessons for her high school English classes, nose-deep in a book or spending time with her boyfriend Dustin and adorable dog Ollie.