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Lynda DiNolfo - Roll Model

Lynda  DiNolfo just loves to play outside. Whether it’s biking, hiking, or running she will try to find time in her schedule to get out there with her family and connect with nature. She learned her love for mountain biking after injuring her knee playing soccer for  St. John Fisher College. Lynda and her husband, David have enjoyed exploring all the beautiful trails together  in Rochester, Adirondacks, Maine,  Utah, Canada and Italy.  She loves to mountain bike because it is a chance to explore all the beauty nature has to offer us. She has three children who all love to ride as well. Her youngest daughter is  6 years old and is almost mountain  bike ready to take that dream Moab, Utah family trip. Lynda is looking forward  to share her passion for nature and mounting biking with the rootz team. She has always wanted to be a mountain bike mentor and is excited for this opportunity. When she is not playing outside, Lynda is a registered nurse working for the Rochester Regional  GI/Endoscopy Department.