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Scott Page - Head Coach

Scott’s love of two wheels started at age 5 and hasn’t slowed down since. He purchased his first “real” mountain bike in 1985 and since then has grown to love working on trails, helping others with skills and technique and of course riding his single speed. Always jazzed by the idea of introducing people to the sport, getting involved with ROOTZ was a no-brainer. So when Chelsea contacted Scott and asked for some assistance, the answer was an immediate yes! His day job is a combination of Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport, started in 2005, and producing a bunch of cycling events in Greater Rochester, including two international ones – the Rochester Twilight Criterium/Pro Road Tour and Rochester Cyclocross/UCI C1-C2. When Scott isn’t riding, you’ll find him either making something out of wood or metal in his workshop or planning new cycling events for the community.