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Bike Fitting - Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my bicycle need to be fitted? Is it the wrong size?

bike fittingBecause bicycles come in all different sizes and are incredibly adjustable. People come in different sizes too but they aren't so adjustable without incurring injuries. You'll be able to generate more power, ride longer, more comfortably and safely while reducing the potential for injuries. We can also address any negative issues that you have during the fit session and possibly change them into positives. Many people ride with an ache or pain thinking that it's just a part of the sport that they have to accept. We can help make your cycling experience as close to ideal as possible through our professional fitting process.

How long will a professional bike fit take?

Expect to block at least two hours from your schedule. More is better so that we are not rushed. Every fitting session is as unique as the individual who is being fitted, and we take as long as necessary to complete the fit properly. Anywhere from one to three hours is possible depending on your specific needs.

I've seen other fitting methods on the internet that are easier and quicker. Do they work?

In our opinion, there are no fitting formulas or quick fits that truly work. Some can get you in the ball park which is better than nothing, but we believe that an accurate fitting is best achieved when an experienced fit advisor can interact with the cyclist. There are no substitutes. Line up three cyclists who are the same height, and each one will most likely have a different fit. People are individuals with different needs, different flexibility, different injuries, different proportions  (arm/legs/etc) and different desires when it comes to the riding they want to do. Fitting needs to be done on an individual basis by a professional.

Will I be on display when being fitted?

Our fitting area is designed to give you a level of comfort and privacy when being fit. It also provides a more controlled environment for the fit advisor. Fewer interruptions allow for more concentration and focus towards the rider.

Do I just stop in to get fit?

Please call to make an appointment so we can have enough time set aside to concentrate on your fitting.

What do I need to bring for a fitting?

Bring a towel, water bottle and whatever summer riding clothes you desire including gloves and riding glasses if you wear them. And don't forget your bike!

Will I learn anything during the fitting?

You are a part of the fitting session and will take an active role in the process. We will work with you to explain the reasons behind the process of fitting because we want you to understand why we do what we do and what is expected of you afterwards. Please ask questions!

I'm new to cycling, will I learn any specific skills?

Throughout the fitting session we will explain the workings of the bicycle to new cyclists. Proper braking, shifting, turning, body position, etc. We will also discuss safe riding habits and methods to avoid potential cycling adversity.

What about clipless pedals? I've heard they can be unsafe.

True, they can be unsafe, especially when the rider doesn't understand the concept, mechanism & procedure of the pedal system. We explain the pitfalls of clipless so you don't have to find out for yourself. We will work with the rider to get to a comfortable level of both knowledge and practical application before hitting the streets. Once the pedal system is fully understood by the rider, we believe that having clipless is safer than not having clipless. An experienced rider is attached to the bike when clipped in which provides more control to the cyclist because you're a part of the bike. "Attached" is a scary word for someone that has heard horror stories about clipless pedals. The good news is that it is easy to unclip instantly, in fact it becomes second nature once you've ridden clipless a few times. Once you understand how they work, you'll realize that they unclip in less than a second.

Do my pedals or shoes need to be fit as well?

Yes, foot/pedal position is one of the most important aspects of fitting. The only place that a cyclist is attached to the bike is at this area. Proper position and alignment is imperative. We will assist in your decision for selecting the proper shoe in both design and fit. We will explain the pros & cons, answer your questions and explain what shoes work best with which pedals.

Once I'm fitted, will I ever need to be fit again?

Fitting is an ongoing process because riders evolve as they  ride. For example, new cyclists tend to relax a bit as they get used to their new bicycle and sometimes need to change their fit. Injuries can lead to fitting changes as well as numerous other issues. Unless something specific takes place, annual fittings are a good idea to re-evaluate your position and discuss any issues that have come about since the last fit.  Some riders are happy and comfortable in the same position for years. It's all up to the individual.

My good bike is the one I want fitted, should I have my other bikes fitted also?

Highly recommended!!! All the bikes you own should be fitted to your dimensions. You should not need to make mental or physical adjustments whenever you switch bikes.

Can I apply my fit specifications to my other bike?

Yes, as long as the frame is appropriately sized. We can easily do it for you once the fitting is completed. An additional fee may apply but we will discuss that during the fitting process.

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