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Our People

At Full Moon Vista not only do we sell and service all types of bicycles, but we are all types of cyclists.

We are commuters, leisure riders, roadies, mountain bikers, long-mileage tourists, 'cross racers and other two-wheeled devotees. We can help you find the perfect bike for the kind of riding you do because we have a first-hand understanding of what you'll need!

Scott Page - Shop Owner and Fit Expert

Scott PageI have been working full-time in the cycling industry for over 20 years. In 2005 I opened Full Moon Vista to create an environment that goes above and beyond simply being a retail establishment. I want Full Moon Vista to be warm and welcoming, whether you're a veteran cyclist or someone who's merely thinking about getting into the sport.

I've only ever wanted to ride two wheels. I started riding a motorcycle at five years old and when I wasn't riding that I was riding my bike. I've been passionate about cycling ever since. Over the years I've used that passion to contribute to the cycling community by helping educate the public, creating events like the Rochester Omnium and Twilight Criterium and leading rides like the Tuesday Night Urban Adventure.

I am continuously working to improve the shop and the events we organize and execute, all for the goal of making Rochester, NY a bicycle friendly and bicycle-centered city!

Shana Lydon - General Manager

Shana LydonI ride all year long - but this past year has reintroduced me to how much I enjoy a long road ride - listening to nothing but my tires hitting the pavement.  Getting out on the local single track trails is also a ton of fun. After over 15 years in the industry I can always find a bike to ride and I enjoy all different types of riding. There isn't much that can compare to being outside and appreciating the beauty of our community by bike! As long as I get to ride I'm happy.

Since coming to Full Moon Vista in 2005 I've gone from customer, to part-time sales associate, to shop manager. Leaving an unhealthy lifestyle behind, I headed back to school in between class and work, I progressed in my racing on the road and in 'cross. The rest of life has taken more priority in the last few years so racing isn't much of a focus anymore. The shop, our events calendar and riding with friends is what matters these days! Full Moon Vista and cycling have afforded me some amazing opportunities and I look forward to what's next!

Andy Stewart - Service

Andy StewartWhat started out as an escape device from older sisters became a lifelong passion. The thrill of balance and the gratification of cresting a hill or carving a corner on the way back down still motivate my riding. Self contained touring, commuting and club riding are my favorite cycling activities. Mountain biking, fixed gear riding and, when I was younger, time trialing have found their way into my life as well.  The 174 gears that I have are spread through the 12 bikes that make up my stable.

While I'm the most recent addition to the Full Moon Vista crew my bike shop career started before some of the staff were born. Starting with assembling bikes at a department store in high school, then learning to build frames at the local bike shop, through owning a shop for 14 years and now back to wrenching has given me have a vast range of experience that I bring to each of my customer's needs.

Winds of life have brought me back to Rochester and I find the cycling community larger and more vibrant then when I left 25 years ago.  I look forward to servicing your needs and helping each cyclist enjoy riding as much as I do.

Mike Davis - Sales

Mike DavisMy introduction to cycling came at the age of thirteen when my  friend's father encouraged a few of the neighborhood kids to join him on his weekend Road rides throughout the Hudson Valley.  This ultimately led to our riding from Montreal, Canada to Poughkeepsie, NY the following year.  High School sports occupied my weekends so my riding went by the wayside unless I needed transportation to and from practice.

After a 20 year hiatus I found myself looking for a new form of exercise and wound up back on the bike.  I immediately realized how much I missed and enjoyed riding.  After a few seasons of summer riding I heard about a group that rides in the winter so I showed up one Tuesday, met this guy named Scott and 10 years later here we are!

As my cycling goes I would call myself an aspiring racer (non-participant as of yet).  I enjoy mountain biking as well but especially love riding my fixie!  I have participated in many charity rides and pretty much try to get out as much as possible. Rochester has a great cycling community and I hope to contribute to its growth through my employment at Full Moon Vista.

Kim Page - Co-Owner

Kim PageI’m a relative newcomer to the world of cycling, having discovered it, kicking and screaming, at the tender age of 40 on knees broken down from years of running. Never could I have imagined on that first ride, on my first road bike, that someday I would meet the man I would love so dearly and eventually marry, start a bike shop, learn to mountain bike, and believe that riding 50+ miles by myself was pure heaven.

Everyone rides for different reasons; that’s what makes cycling so wonderful. For me, it’s seeing a newborn fawn take its first step, being followed by a coyote in the Adirondacks, watching a miniature donkey and pony play, gliding along with a pair of swallows who are cruising in my draft, smelling honeysuckle in the Spring and fallen leaves in the Fall, clearing an obstacle on the trail for the first time, making it to the top of that big hill, picking wild flowers for my kitchen table, that ice cold beer at the end of a long, hard ride, and meeting so many great people on the road or trail. I’ve sang out loud, smiled and laughed until I thought my face would crack, screamed in anger, sobbed in hurt…all on a bicycle.

As I spin, coast, climb and corner into my 50’s I give thanks every day for having found my way to cycling. For all the sights, sounds and smells that come with it, for its uncanny ability to put life into perspective, and especially for all the people I’ve met along the way.

Kinna - Shop Dog

KinnaI came to Full Moon Vista in December of 2008 after being adopted by Scott and Kim (that's my Mom and Dad!) I am an Icelandic Sheepdog which means I LOVE people, herding things, playing tug of war and most of all: BARKING!

I love being part of the shop and I come to work with my Dad almost every day! People come in all day long to see me and play with me and I adore the attention! If I don't greet you at the door  it's because I'm working: taking Shana (I love them all, but they take a lot of work!) for walks, or most importantly, making sure my Dad doesn't get out the door without me!! Feel free to ask whoever is around for me. I'll be glad to come out and give you a big smile and a slobbery kiss! And for the record, I love to play tug of war and chase balls!

I'm not much of a cyclist, but there is one thing I love about riding: when my family and friends return from their bike rides! They come back happy, relaxed, tired, excited, sometimes even covered in snow and always wearing big smiles from riding their bikes! That means lots of pets, rubs and scratches for me. And maybe even a treat!

Ride in anytime! I'll show you where the treats are kept, and I promise we'll have fun!!