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What's In a Name?

Why did we choose "Full Moon Vista" as the name of our shop? Our name is intended to relate an experience shared by the founders of Full Moon Vista long before we had aspirations of going into business.

If you look at a map of Dansville, NY you'll find a road named Vista Hill. If you have access to a topographic map you'll see that Vista Road is aptly named; it gains 1000 feet of elevation in about 1.5 miles of riding. Ascending Vista Road on a bicycle is an all consuming activity. If you try it yourself we guarantee that you won't be thinking about issues of work, finances, or relationships. The simple act of turning the cranks to get to the top of Vista Road requires a physical and mental focus that leaves no room for slacking or drifting off.

Riding up Vista Road on a sunny day is a challenging and rewarding experience for any cyclist. Riding it at night adds a surreal quality to the experience that makes you wonder if you're riding in a dream. You feel like you're floating because you can't see where your tires make contact with the pavement. You can't really make out the slope of the road ahead. The only thing that you can clearly see is your destination - the point where the moon meets the crest of the hill.

Our name is born from the magic and beauty that we find on our bikes. We wanted to somehow encapsulate this magic when we named our shop, and Full Moon Vista is what we came up with.

Our goal is to share the magic of cycling with you to the greatest possible extent - whether you go for a ride with us or visit our store.