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Our Roots and Mission

What's in the Name? 

Roots, log overs, gravel, sand, mud, hills...steep hills, drops etc.: All mountain bikers overcome organic and mental obstacles that terrain throws at them. Every rider remembers the freedom of learning to pedal for the first time. Anyone who has taken a leap to mountain bike vividly recalls their first experience riding over a tree root. Skills - like riding over roots- raise the fun factor and instill confidence in an environment where adversity is met with grit. Muddy freckles are met with smiles. This confidence spills over into other aspects of one's life.


2020 was our inaugural year. The group went from being a dream to a reality. The group quickly gained interest. Mission: more girls on bikes! We saw roll models increase from three to seven and youth enrollment increase from five - thirty. Social Media interest went from zero to seventy. 

This group was the brainchild of two 'gal pal' singletrack riders from Rochester. The originators partnered with Full Moon Vista and ROOTZ was born!

ROOTZ will kick off its third season in Spring 2023 with the support & sponsorship of Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport.  


"Roll" models support the development of riders’ social emotional well-being. "Roll" models support one another & promote a growth mindset by promoting life-long learning. We foster a safe and joyful community to support more girls on bikes, while encouraging boys to join us too! 

Together we empower one another. We dare greatly to take risks, fall down, and collect muddy freckles.