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Our Fitting Services

What is a Bicycle Fitting?

Bicycles come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. So do people. At Full Moon Vista we realize that you are unique, and we want you to know the joy of riding a bicycle that fits not only your dimensions but also your needs and abilities like a finely tailored garment.

Is your bicycle adapted to you, or are you adapting to your bicycle?  Have you ever needed to cut a ride short on a beautiful day because  your hands were getting numb or your back was getting sore? Do your knees ever feel creaky after you ride? Does your bike's steering feel twitchy and unpredictable? Do you want to make the most of your current fitness level and equipment, but you feel like something is holding you back? If you answered yes to any of these questions then tuning your bicycle and riding technique to be in perfect unity will make your next ride a more enjoyable experience.

There's much more to a properly fitted bicycle than the frame size. Your bicycle is an incredibly adjustable machine, but the frame's size only gets you in the ballpark of a good fit. An accurate bicycle fit takes many factors into account including your dimensions, flexibility, experience and riding style.

Properly fitting your bicycle to you is one of the most important services that we provide at Full Moon Vista. We believe that riding a bicycle that fits you like a glove is at least as  important as the brand or model of bike that you ride. We feel so strongly about the benefits of a properly fitted bicycle that we provide a free fitting to customers who purchase their bicycles from us.

How it Works

Our fitting process begins with an interview to determine your  physiological history and athletic goals. We particularly want to  know about any previous or existing injuries you may have that could  potentially affect you on the bike.

When your fitting session begins we'll set up your bicycle on a trainer and have you warm up. Your bicycle's current setup will be measured and recorded for comparison with the end result. If you're relatively new to cycling, your fit advisor will explain the operation of your bicycle, including braking, shifting, and steering controls, and how they relate to your fit on the bike.

There are three points of contact between you and your bicycle: pedals, saddle, and handlebars. Your advisor will assess your position and form on the bike throughout the session, adjusting the contact points as necessary and proceeding based our on our expertise and your feedback.

Along the way, your fit advisor will make specific recommendations with explanations and suggested riding practices that will help reinforce the technique and form that is achieved with the fitting.

You'll notice that the session is interactive from start to finish. This is why we believe that there's no reliable way to arrive at a reasonable result using a mathematical formula. You are an integral part of the fitting process as much as you are an integral part of your bicycle when you're riding. We know of no formula that could possibly express your unique situation!

We invite you to return for a free re-evaluation of your new position within 60 days of the original fitting session. As you ride in your new position you'll find that your body evolves. You may be using muscles that you didn't use before and your flexibility is likely to change too. We may be able to alter your position in ways that were previously inappropriate for you.

Bicycle Fitting Options

Several fitting options are available based on your specific needs. Call the shop today with questions and to schedule your appointment today.

Professional Fit


A Professional Fitting with Scott Page includes:

Extensive interview to asses athlete needs, flexibility testing

Suggestions to increase athlete performance and equipment advice

Recommendations on proper athlete form, technique, positioning, and posture

Cleat fitting, shoe and cleat recommendations

Complete bicycle set-up including body position, pedal set up, saddle height and placement, lever placement, handlebar width and position, stem angle and reach recommendations

Customer copy of fit data, pre and post fit measurements, and fit changes

Technique recommendations, athlete analysis and equipment advice

60-day fit re-evaluation free of charge

 Standard Fit


Conducted by another member of staff or by Scott Page, our standard fitting includes:

Suggestions to increase athlete performance

Equipment advice

Recommendations on proper athlete form, technique, positioning and posture

Shoe and cleat recommendations

Bicycle set-up including body position, pedal set-up, saddle height and placement, lever placement, handlebar position, stem angle and reach recommendations

Instruction on proper bicycle operation

60-day fit re-evaluation free of charge

Cleat Fitting


Analysis of foot support needs

Proper cleat placement - fore/aft and medial/lateral

Pronation/supination assessment and any necessary shimming 

Recommendations on appropriate pedal, proper shoe and size 

Three part training on how to use clipless pedals.

Contact us to schedule your bike fit today.