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ROOTZ "Roll" Models

Who We Are - 100% Grassroots Volunteers 

The Rootz "Roll" Models are Development Divas and Devo Dads from the Greater Rochester Community. All roll models go through a background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Most of us are CPR/First Aid Certified. We are USA Cycling Members, adventure riders, serious racers, non-competitive racers,  and riding enthusiasts with a healthy obsession for all things ‘bike.’

This is all about the riding for the roll models too. Roll models are paired with mentees weekly throughout three seasons: Spring, Summer, & Fall.

Do you want to be a "Roll" model? 

All mentors pay for a $30 background check and are also registered on USA Cycling. We are looking for riders of all levels to ride with kids of all level. We will help you help the kids while growing your mtb confidence. We have clinics to support one another and build synergy around a curriculum to drive the focus of our rides with the mentees. 

Email Chelsea for more information - and to receive the registration link that is specific for "Roll" Models. 

Chelsea Wahl - President

Chelsea will not deny that she loves a "Full Send!" She credits her love for two wheels from going to her father's vintage motocross races and dabbling in motocross as a little kid. The joy that comes from shared pedaling experiences was reignited in 2014 when her husband introduced her to the wonderful world of cyclocross.


Scott Page - Head Coach

Scott’s love of two wheels started at age 5 and hasn’t slowed down since. He purchased his first “real” mountain bike in 1985 and since then has grown to love working on trails, helping others with skills and technique and of course riding his single speed.


100% Volunteer Crew

Email Chelsea for more info

Stephanie Barbero - Roll Model

This is one of the only photos of Stephanie "cycling" since she is usually the one behind the camera. She is a Physical Education Teacher who has coached 6 different sports, teaches Yoga and has a Run & Triathlon Club for girls. 


Rob Bennett - Roll Model  

Rob has been riding off road for quite a while locally, around the country and internationally (pictured – Norway). There’s no better place for him to be than on a bike in the woods or in the desert. 


Erin Berg - Roll Model  

Erin’s first mountain bike ride in 2015 started with a pretty rough crash, when she was led astray by her well-meaning boyfriend. Luckily, she had enough experience falling down and getting right back up to try again. 

Jack Bernhard - Junior Roll Model

Jack loves mountain biking and cyclocross racing. Jack is an extremely disciplined cyclist who aims to mentor youth that are not as experienced as he is.


David Burnside - Roll Model

I'm David Burnside and I've been riding my bike a long time - 66 years and counting.  After the military in 1971, I started riding with the Genesee Valley Cycling Club. I bought my first mountain bike in 1985 and I still love it.

Scott Casella - Roll Model 

Coming Soon!


Janet Casey - Roll Model  

Bike riding is a family affair for the Casey family. Family bike trips started as soon as their youngest could pedal. Janet picked up mountain biking about 5 years ago when her husband and son convinced her she would love it. 

Patrick Casey - Roll Model 

Coming Soon!

Emily & Zac Culliton - Roll Models 

Emily and Zac love to bike, ski, rock climb, and generally seek out any opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and shred the gnar. Together  theirstoke level runs high, and they love to share that stoke with their two young daughters and anyone else who wants to be part of the fun. 

James Detwiler - Roll Model 

Coming Soon!

Lynda DiNolfo - Roll Model

Lynda just  loves to play outside.  Whether it’s biking, hiking, or running she will try to find time in her schedule to get out there with her family and connect with nature. She learned her love for mountain biking after injuring her knee playing soccer for  St. John Fisher College. 

Katie Dunn - Roll Model

You’ll find Katie on the trails around Rochester all times of the year! She started mountain biking in Rochester in 2018, where she met some pretty cool women who also convinced her to try cyclocross racing. Mountain biking has helped her to gain confidence in tackling challenges outside her comfort zone.  

Catie Feltes - Roll Model

Catie is relatively new to the mountain biking world. During the pandemic, she was looking for different activities to stay busy. Chelsea got her hooked on mountain biking last June and soon she was looking forward to the weekly meet-ups at various parks across Monroe County.

Gabe Ferencz - Roll Model

Gabe started riding bikes in 1985, mostly riding streets, yards, and wide paths. In 2007, a great friend introduced him to where mountain bikes should be ridden: singletrack!

Lisa Gardner - Roll Model

Lisa has been on two wheels since she was three years old, just ask her mom!  Once those two wheels started rolling she knew that it meant freedom!  Freedom to roam, find new adventures, make lifelong friendships, and to stay healthy and balanced. 

Jessica Geiger - Roll Model

The love of riding a bike started back in the 1980’s while growing up in Buffalo. Fast forward to 2006 when Jessica was hired as a Physical Education teacher and she bought a new bike to ride alongside her cross country team. 


Deb Goodwin - Roll Model

Deb’s love for knobby tires started at 7 years old with a minibike, then a larger motor dirt bike and a BMX bike in High School, a Schwinn Scrambler 36/36 BMX bike. 

Quinn Karley - Roll Model

You’ll easily spot Quinn Karley on her bike with a big smile and neon yellow full face helmet. Safety is her number one priority and she loves having fun and is always learning. Mountain biking has been an amazing way to enjoy nature, meet new friends and become a stronger person on and off the bike.

Rachel Sacks - Roll Model

Over the past year, Rachel found a new love for riding. She has been a focused runner since high school and competed on a club team during college. Three years ago, she became injured to the point where running wasn’t an option anymore. 


Emily Selsak - Roll Model

Emily has been mountain biking at a beginner level for about 20 years.  When Chelsea asked her to bring her girls out mountain biking, she began to become more serious about taking her biking to a new level.   

Jean Sheehan - Roll Model

Jean enjoys rides through the woods. Sometimes you'll see her challenging herself with technical features or by getting ready for a race. Sometimes you'll see her riding with her husband, or at a ladies group ride for exercise and socialization. 

Bridget Sheehan - Roll Model

While Bridget was always outside and active as a kid, her love of cycling didn't truly take off until she moved to Rochester and fell into the cycling crowd at RIT. She is one of the main photographers for the group. 

Mandie Wickham - Roll Model

It wasn’t until the summer of 2020 that Mandie decided to take her bike into the woods. Mandie considered mountain biking a few times because she loves biking and hiking, but was discouraged by a friend saying it was too hard to pick up as an adult. 

Darlene Winkler - Roll Model

You will always find Darlene Winkler outdoors in her free time whether it be biking, boating, running, skiing or taking a hike in the woods.  There is not denying that biking is her favorite outdoor activity she fell in love with while in college. 

Ron Wille - Roll Model

Ron has been living most of his life ‘behind bars!’ From BMX and freestyle as a kid to competitive mountain bike racing in the early 90’s, to the trail and gravel riding I do now, it has been a blast.

Paul Winter - Roll Model

Paul is originally from New Zealand.  He took up mountain biking a few year's back when he could no longer play basketball due to injuries with his knees.