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Darlene Winkler - Roll Model

You will always find Darlene Winkler outdoors in her free time whether it be biking, boating, running, skiing or taking a hike in the woods.  There is not denying that biking is her favorite outdoor activity she fell in love with while in college.  Prior to mountain biking, she took to the roads-riding her bike on country-side roads exploring new areas. It wasn’t until college that she truly fell in love with biking when she got her first mountain bike and explored many parts of New York.  When she moved to Rochester to create a life with her husband, it was under one condition- there must be awesome trails to ride. Her first ride was at Tryon Park and knew Rochester would be her place she called home.  Darlene does not know which is more enjoyable- riding new terrain or making new friends. Both are quite amazing and every ride brings a new experience and memory.

When Darlene is not on the trails, you will find her planning lessons as a teacher or spending time with her husband or teenage daughters..