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Emily and Zac Culliton - Roll Models

Emily and Zac love to bike. And ski. And rock climb. And generally seek out any opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and shred the gnar. Together their stoke level runs high, and they love to share that stoke with their two young daughters and anyone else who wants to be part of the fun.

Zac grew up riding BMX with his neighborhood crew, and naturally transitioned to MTB once it became a thing. Shortly after they met, Emily began mountain biking too as a summer substitute for the rush of skiing. They moved to the Boston area and together logged many miles at their local Middlesex Fells, and would take weekend trips to places like Lynn Woods and the Kingdom Trails. 

Back in Rochester Em and Zac have settled down in Irondequoit, busy raising their two daughters, and sharing the stoke with the next generation. They are grateful for our local trails systems and cycling community, and are excited to be a part of ROOTZ.