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Lisa Gardner - Roll Model

Lisa has been on two wheels since she was three years old, just ask her mom!  Once those two wheels started rolling she knew that it meant freedom!  Freedom to roam, find new adventures, make lifelong friendships, and to stay healthy and balanced.  Her love of biking has progressed over the years and as soon as she realized it could be done on dirt in the woods it was on.  She hit the trails in the 90's and never looked back.  Sure there are many other hobbies, running, camping, kayaking, backpacking, but the one steady go to is biking.  If you could bike there then saddle up! She even got married at Ontario County Park so her friends could squeeze  a ride in between festivities.  Lisa preferred to commute to work whenever possible because it just meant more time on the bike and in nature catching all the little things you miss when you are in a car.  There have been many bike focused vacations, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, but some of her favorite spots are right here at home.  OCP, Ellicottville, Lake Placid, and all the local spots right here in Rochester.  

Now that Lisa is retired she has more time to rip up some trails, but she's also looking forward to giving back.  She hopes to bring the sense of peace, joy, and camaraderie that biking brings her with others and to have tons of fun in the process.