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Stephanie Barbero - Roll Model

This is one of the only photos of Stephanie "cycling" since she is usually the one behind the camera. She is a Physical Education Teacher who has coached 6 different sports, teaches Yoga and has a Run & Triathlon Club for girls. She is an EMT and former Fire Fighter who took the time to Certify many of the non-medical 'roll' models in CPR & First Aid. She is always looking for a new challenge and mountain biking is her latest. She started out as a runner turned cyclist turned triathlete and even endeavored into cyclocross. She has raced side by side with her 2 daughters and even got her son to compete in one Tri (on a team). She was lucky enough to race several times nationally and even once internationally. Mountain biking has allowed her to enjoy so much of the great outdoors this past year and she can't wait to see what the future holds in this arena.